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About Yimtex

Founded in 1991, Yimtex is a professional connector and cable assembly manufacturer, the company is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. With outstanding skills and years of experience in the connector and cable assembly industry, Yimtex is able to help all customers in the world to meet any diversified customization needs with flexible and innovative business ideas.

In order to continuously provide the best service and quality to customers, we distinguish manufacturing from marketing, Yimtex focuses on product manufacturing and product certification, while Yimtek focuses on global product marketing and customer service, the two complement each other to meet customer needs in products and services.

Therefore, we will be stable and fast consistent self-requirements, and insisted on the attitude of quality first and customer first spirit, from order acceptance, manufacturing to shipment planning to develop a perfect process to satisfy the needs of any customer. Looking to the future, we will continue to improve, and self-hope to provide better and high value-added customized services to meet customers as a business objectives.

Main Business Scope

Design and manufacture of connectors and cable assemblies.

Main Business Scope

OEM and ODM projects are welcome.

Our Mission

Yimtex is committed to achieving innovation, excellence, efficiency, professionalism and service in the custom design, production and service of products, and expects to occupy a leading position in this industry.

Business Philosophy

Attach the customer feelings, continuing innovation and improvement. Create a top culture and achieve team value.


To become an excellent enterprise respected by society and loved by employees.

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