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GHG management

While committed to enterprise development, YIMTEX ELECTRONIC also seeks the balance between scientific and technological development and ecological environment in line with the heart of global citizens. In 2022, the concept of ISO14064 greenhouse gas emission management was introduced, and carbon emission management began. In 2023, a preliminary carbon inventory data will be proposed, which is committed to reducing the impact on the overall environmental safety and health and moving towards the goal of carbon reduction and environmental protection.


In line with the international concept of low-carbon sustainable management, YIMTEX refers to Taiwan’s greenhouse gas reduction method and ISO 14064-1 Based on the quantification, supervision, reporting and verification procedures provided by the standards, a greenhouse gas inventory implementation team was established to promote the work of greenhouse gas inventory and reduction, and began to regularly disclose the overview of the company’s greenhouse gas inventory.


In accordance with ISO 14064 and the specifications of greenhouse gas inventory, YIMTEX Taiwan began to conduct its own carbon emission audit in 2022, and established the company’s greenhouse gas inventory management procedures and inventory reports, etc., the scope of the inventory is not only for category 1 (direct greenhouse gas emissions) and category 2 (indirect greenhouse gas emissions from energy) In addition to qualitative and quantitative inventories, some projects in categories 3 and 4 (indirect greenhouse gas emissions) are inventoried.


The total emissions of Category 1 (direct greenhouse gas emissions) and Category 2 (indirect greenhouse gas emissions from energy) of the YIMTEX Taiwan plant are 33.0 metric tons of tCO2e, and the various emissions are shown in the table below.


Greenhouse gas emissions  of  YIMTEX Taiwan plant in 2022


Through the disclosure of the above-mentioned greenhouse gas inventory planning and information, YIMTEX ELECTRONIC will continue to reduce the impact on the overall environmental safety and health of enterprise operations, and achieve the goals of environmental protection and sustainable development through full participation and commitment.


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